Motion Elements
  • Screw Drive Groups
  • Ball Spline Shaft Groups
  • Rack and Pinions
  • Linear Guides Elements
  • Light Type (Medium Load)
    Weight Type (Heavy Load)
  • Rotate Guides Elements
  • Timing Belts and Pulleys
  • Other Motion Elements
  • Motion Modules
  • Motion Accessories
  • Linear Guides Elements
  • Light Type (Medium Load)
  • For medium loads with stroke speed of up to 10m/s. Light-weight aluminium components and compact dimensions.
    Roller with bearings, ground raceways of spring steel.
    For Medium Load
      Dynamic Load Range [kN]   2,8 .......... 21,2
      Torque [Nm]   25 ............... 806
    Linear Guides(Light Types,Medium Load)
  • Weight Type (Heavy Load)
  • a) Linear recirculating roller bearing and guideway
    b) Six-row linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway
    a) b)
    For Heavy Load
     Dynamic Load Range [KN]   16,3 .......... 640
     Torque [Nm]   303 ............ 4114
    Linear Guides(Weight Types,Heavy Load)
  • Other Types Linear Guides
  • Other Type Linear Guides
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